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The key to getting into the book, I believe, is to watch the "Business Morals." They give Noonan's particular take on the fable, developed in the "Perspective" section. Each of the eight fables gives an autobiographical Sitz im Leben for Aesop's telling of the story. Marsden's presentation of "The Amorous Lion and the Ploughman" may make us wonder for the first time what the girl thought about all this! The listening points are explained in Chinese and repeated on the accompanying pair of audio cassettes; these idiomatic phrases may be the strongest point of this combined publication.It looks as though his overall source for fables is the Watermill Press edition of 1985. For example, the foolhardy plans of his fellow slave-boy friends for running away and becoming pirates are a prelude to Aesop's telling them BC. Marsden's portrait of Aesop on the inside back-cover is fine. Here is how he finishes the short blurb on Aesop: "His pithy anecdotes are as funny, satirical and educatonal today as they were 2,500 years ago. I also enjoy the author's copyright claim on the back of the front cover: ""All remaining material, for what it's worth, is c2005 Phillip Marsden. There is a colorful FC on the cover and, in black-and-white, on the title-page.And the female hare ends up losing the race but winning all the press acclaim.The other tales come two each from India, China, the Ukraine, and "the Land of Gup." "The Mouse and the Snake" from China is a good fable with an ironic ending comment. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries. The cover of this issue of ACLR's College and Research Libraries News features Arthur Rackham's "The Travellers and the Plane Tree" from his 1912 Aesop's Fables.By the way, how did I get this from a group called "Big Edge Sports"? The bibliography at the end includes Laura Gibbs' edition of 2002. Perhaps the best among them are "The Fox and the Mask" (26); "Two Enemies on a Ship" (58); TB (123); and "The Donkey at the Cliff's Edge" (134). The eight designs appear in color on the front cover. I am delighted to see contemporary students getting a chance to experience Aesop and have fun with his fables.2005 An Aesop Adventure: Fables, Songs and Activities for the Elementary Classroom. This book is the "Teacher Edition," and its pages are meant to be reproducible. This book was originally published by Phoenix House in 1993.

If there was an Aesop, would he have expected to show up in this venue?Noonan offers nine sections covering such subjects as "Rewards and Incentives," "Management and Leadership," "Winning Business Strategies," and "Human Resources." Each section has from three to seven stories from Aesop. Congratulations to Zachary Miller who organized the printing of the book.2005 Aesop's Fables. On one page, three fables are done in three strips across the page. Further elements give a sense of some works inspired by Aesop's fables, of comments and questions on Aesop's fables, and of further reading. All of this is hard to beat for a list-price of .95!For each story there is a title, a narrative, "Aesop's Moral," Noonan's discussion (titled "Perspective"), a "Business Moral," and a source for further reading. (Texts from Robert and Olivia Temple's Penguin Edition). The first of these is one of the author's best, "The Sick Man and the Doctor." The facial expressions of the sick man in all four cells reveal his feelings. Forty-one fables on 114 pages, with vocabulary, translations, and "listening points" for each fable.For each story there is a title, a narrative, "Aesop's Moral," Noonan's discussion (titled "Perspective"), a "Business Moral," and a source for further reading. One distinguishing feature that I can notice lies in the "000" listing for every item in the beginning T of C. I find that introduction helpful in saying that these fables belong not to Aesop but to humanity. A chronology places Aesop and reports about him in time and traces key steps in the publication of fables as we know them.The key to getting into the book, I believe, is to watch the "Business Morals." They give Noonan's particular take on the fable, developed in the "Perspective" section. Another is the information listed on the back cover, including the publicity the book will receive and its projected publication date. It is less helpful when it identifies fable by its need to include an animal and when it makes Aesop a collector of fables. Ashliman's "Introduction" then gives a good sense of fable, its history, and its contributions.

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