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There is now a wide range of treatment options available for men with erection problems. The Careline can provide confidential support and information on diabetes and related issues.All team members are trained and experienced counsellors.Levels of sexual desire vary widely between different people, and can change over time.Sexual problems can be very difficult to discuss, particularly if the cause has not been identified.Thrush is a common condition, made worse by high blood glucose levels, which can make sex uncomfortable. It might be helpful to discuss hypos and what to expect with your partner.

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Having diabetes doesn’t mean you will automatically develop sexual dysfunction.

It is recognised that the four main areas of sexuality that women experiencing FSD find difficulty with are: desire, arousal, dyspareunia (pain with intercourse) and orgasm.

At present there is no medication available specifically for the treatment of FSD, but research is ongoing.

Research has found women with diabetes are twice as likely to experience problems as those without.

You may experience sexual dysfunction caused by physical factors or the medication you are taking, or a combination of both.

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