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Still, the hack is worth trying for those who struggle with finding the ideal nude shade.Fortunately, recent years have seen beauty brands expand their lip offerings to include nude colors that suit a range of skin tones.Others experimented with the beauty hack for the first time and found mixed results.While many were pleased with their look, some - especially women with darker skin - felt the matching trick was not as accurate.While high-end brands like Urban Decay and NARS have paved the way for nude lipstick inclusivity, drugstore brands are also changing up their offerings to make a nude lip more accessible to all.

Unsurprisingly, when he swipes the lipstick onto his mouth, it's a highly accurate match. Alas, matching your lipstick to what Mother Nature gave you is not an entirely new concept.

According to experts on daytime talk show The Doctors, finding the ideal lipstick shade is as easy as peeking under your shirt and examining your nipples which, they say, will be an exact match to the color of your perfect lip color.

In an attempt to explain the rather bizarre theory in more detail, host and physician Dr. Ordon unbuttons his shirt and offers up his nipple for color-matching.

Back in 2015, now-defunct beauty blog xo Vain tested the concept on a variety of different women.

Many women, both those featured in the article and those who replied in the comments section, were surprised to discover that their favorite shades were already pretty close to their nipple color.

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