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So ventured Shaw in Pygmalion, and, if reports are to be believed - and perhaps we should not take them too seriously - Prince William's now ex-girlfriend, Kate Middleton, must have, on occasion, been made to feel rather like Shaw's Covent Garden flower seller ensnared on the thorns of polite society.

Although not the cheeriest of topics, this round is all about celebrity deaths 2016.

Certainly, Miss Middleton would have gone down better with William's future subjects - many of whom quite enjoy buying commemorative plates from Woolworth's - than would some haughty jewel-encrusted Euro-princess with 26 names and half of Bavaria.

The irony is that the Royal Family - which has met more non-U folk than any clan in Britain - has a pretty good record on class.

Yet in the upper class social circles to which royalty still gravitates more than it should, snobbery remains rife.

This unjustified sense of superiority found expression in Alan Clark's notorious put-down of Michael Heseltine as a man who "bought his own furniture".

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