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Marie Exelby, a pastoral support manager, told the inquest she had gone into the bathroom at pm but denied she was also looking for Dagmara, saying she did not know she was missing.She said she left the bathroom after receiving a radio call that the other child had been found.The inquest was told earlier that Dagmara had entered the toilets at pm but was not found until 1;50pm.

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My perspective would be that Dagmara doesn't say it is an issue any more." Dagmara’s mother, Ewelina Przybysz, told the inquest she said she had a problem and added: "She does not have to use that word (bullying). she is a child she does not have to name the problem bullying." Dagmara had previously said she had been a victim of racism when answering questions on the social media site, Ask. The 16-year-old, who moved to the UK with her family from Poland in 2007, had been severely bullied by a group of girls over her nationality.She was told she was a “stupid Pole” and did not “belong here”, her parents told an inquest at Cornwall Coroner’s Court in Truro.A third woman said that a man attempted to rape her but she escaped.When most men think of international dating one of the first countries that comes to mind is Russia.

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