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But do not worry: I’m only sharing the “photo rights stuff” with you!

🙂 First, Aviva points out that ‘Image Bank Israel’ are merely Getty’s delegates in the region.

Buying licenses from Getty, i Stock Photos, or others can cost quite a lot of money.

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I was forwarded to their master delegate for my region: ‘Image Bank Israel‘. I didn’t even have to sit down and wait, I was buzzed right in.This means she has no responsibility for Getty’s actions overseas, hence she can’t explain Getty’s actions, but only Image Bank’s.Nevertheless, the information she provides from an insider perspective is invaluable.I told Aviva that I’ve decided to write this post because there are so many people obviously doing it wrong, so many people confused, and mainly so many people are scared, perhaps terrified by the name of (Getty of course!) “There really is no reason for confusion”, says Aviva.

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