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The mirror in this guest bedroom makes the room appear larger.Also included is an oversized bulletin board so guests can put up their agenda for the day.Part of Moen's Arris Bathroom Collection, the lines are clean and offer a nice balance to the plush towels.Done in restful blues and creamy whites, this guest bedroom from HGTV Home Furniture Collection offers guests lots of storage space for their clothes.Full of character, the streets of Tiong Bahru are lined with Art Deco-style buildings housing an eclectic mix of boutique stores and restaurants.

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What is perhaps even more noteworthy are the budding local artists who draw inspiration from the area today, setting up art studios all over the estate to fuel the flames of Singapore’s thriving arts, restaurant and lifestyle scene.

They are going to get dumped, their loved ones are going to die, and neither a partner who is done with them nor a metastasizing cancer is going to give a s*** how triggered they are before wreaking havoc on their lives.

But the problems with this policy go far beyond the abstract cultural implications. Giving a student who did not learn class material about the crucifixion credit for a Bible class is like giving a student who did not learn to do a cartwheel a spot on the gymnastics team, and Glasgow University should be ashamed of itself.

Colourful and trendy, the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood is full of youthful energy that marks itself as truly uniquely Singapore.

Tiong Bahru is without a doubt one of Singapore’s most iconic and popular food destinations.

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