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So it was an idea born out of thinking, 'Well this is very grandiose and gigantic and overwhelming and cool, but how can I use it to my advantage? Essentially, I say 'It makes its own juice,' where we have an algorithm where there's times when the guitar is controlling what the audience sees.

So I'll play a note and there's a very specific video clip that'll play. There's time when the volume of the guitar will affect the exposure level of the images.

Then there's times when it's like watching a movie play out and the guitar is creating its own soundtrack.

So these are all component parts of the guitar, the neck, the bridge and the body.

And I feel so lucky to have discovered it when I did in my career. And really, it was the perfect project for me at that time.

I've been doing what I've been doing for so long, I feel like I was in danger of becoming a nostalgia act. And to feel like I can do anything, or try anything, at least, is wonderfully refreshing.

Anything that is challenging that we use to become greater than ourselves, that's what the guitar is a stand-in for.

The guitar or the Instrument with a capital "I" has as much personality and challenges as another human would give you.

But yes, it has absolutely burst open the world of possibilities for me in terms of making more theatrical and performance-based work. So when they call to say they want to do an album with you, they want to pay for it, they want to use their students, they want to provide all of these things - you don't turn that down. So even though it didn't exactly seem like a further trajectory of , it was new, difficult, and, in my mind, the same kind of thing.

I love music, and that was the other component part. Doing it professionally has been a joy, but that wasn’t my intention.

It was just that the guitar was this fascinating thing that seemed to be infinite to me, like I could just learn it forever. That's kind of where I'm at today, I'm still learning how to play guitar after all this time. A lot of the time, deciding what I'm doing on the guitar is not really up to me.

Much of my music doesn’t have lyrics, it doesn’t have anything to interpret in a concrete way, and therefore there's a lot of moodiness and a lot of abstraction.

My relationship to my own music, I'm not the best interpreter of that. Yeah, I think that means that there's something bigger than me that—and I'm not talking about God, I'm not talking about anything spiritual—not all ideas are things that are coming out of my brain.

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