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Add sex to the list of activities that burns calories.One study in young men and women showed that sex burns about 108 calories per half hour!That's enough to burn off 3, 570 calories – that's a little more than the number of calories in one pound – in 32 half-hour sessions.Better cardiovascular health may be as close as the bedroom.That's good news for individuals looking for an easy adjunct to lifestyle (diet, exercise, stress reduction) and medication strategies to get blood pressure into a healthy range.

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Both activities can reduce pain sensation and increase your pain threshold.

When it comes to protecting heart health by having sex, more is better.

One study in men showed that those who had sex at least 2 times a week were 50% less likely to die of heart disease than their less sexually active peers.

Like every other kind of physical activity, sex burns calories, too!

Sitting and watching TV burns about 1 calorie per minute.

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