Farmers dating service commercial

However, given the prevailing mentality that outsiders are evil, such an invitation is unlikely.

In most cases, newcomers are discouraged from settling in these places. What’s scarier is having an entire town shut down, but they don’t realize their fear of new things can lead to their demise.

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Of course, we often try to prove our versatility and intelligence to visitors from far-off wonderlands like Las Vegas and Vancouver. While travelling I-235, which runs through the heart of Des Moines and the metropolitan area (also according to Wikipedia), I noticed a sign pointing the way to the DMS Airport.After all, this dating site for lonely cowboys and girls brings in 600,000 visits per month, which is way more than our local grocers and hardware stores. Have you heard of this online dating service that caters to country folks – Farmers is strange because the internationally-recognized 3-letter code to identify the Des Moines Airport is “DSM.” A quick search of the handy online Urban Dictionary tells me DMS is an acronym for either “Dirty Money Syndicate” or “Drugs Money Sex.” Not exactly a desired association for the one and only international airport in Iowa.Or Now, it may say more about me than anything, but only one image comes to mind when I read the term “animal lover” in conjunction with a dating site. Little southern Iowa towns neighboring mine have been forced to consolidate with our school, leaving brick buildings standing empty in overgrown fields.

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