Dealing with intimidating personalities

To assert superiority, they’ll get angry and raise their voices to prove that they’re the biggest and most powerful.

They are practical, quickly getting down to work instead of worrying about fancy scenarios.

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Their primary strength is ambition; they aspire to excel and eschew the ordinary. They have a high opinion of their good qualities and accomplishments and consider themselves as people of extraordinary feats.

They even consider their defects as justified, in deed, as something wonderful and praise-worthy; for example, their pride, stubbornness and anger. They feel they’re always right, always want to have the final word, don’t tolerate contradiction, and will never consider giving in. They have absolute faith in their own ability and knowledge.

Cholerics are extremely extroverted that they will poke their noses into other people’s business and give their opinion if they feel it’s necessary.

They typically respond favorably to unfamiliar situations, and chase thrills. Their drive for dominance and pride, in addition to their overt expression of emotion inevitably leads to sheer aggression when challenged.

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