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A good example is provided by the Grafen von Achalm, who acquired the Alsatian castle of Montbliard [Mmpelgard] by marriage, and founded the influential monastery of Zwiefalten in 1089.

However, no legitimate descendants are known from this family of eight brothers, the last of whom died in 1098.

The Zollern family also took its name from their Swabian castle, but launched themselves on to the wider German stage with a fortunate marriage to the heiress of the Burggrafschaft of the town of Nrnberg in Bavaria, and later acquiring the electorate of Brandenburg in the early 15th century.

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Over the succeeding 150 years, no single family established itself as dukes of Swabia for more than three generations.

Some of these families used their small Swabian bases as a springboard to extend their activities on a broader European scale.

Two obvious examples were the Staufen and Zollern dynasties.

The close-knit nature of this group of nobles is confirmed by the number of marriages between those named or their immediate families, as can be traced below.

The Swabian nobility is shown geographically in this document, divided into the "gau" of which the duchy of Swabia was originally constituted.

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