Dating bittercup dating sider i danmark Aarhus

Another reason is that it was only possible to buy Coca-Cola in Copenhagen and a few larger cities in Jutland in the early years of the hectic ‘cola war’.Hence, it was not until the 1960s that it was possible to buy Coca-Cola nationwide.Following the implementation of the tax in 1953, only 10,000 litres of cola soft drinks were sold in Denmark a year, primarily produced by minor Danish producers of mineral water, avoiding the competition from the American giant.However, the opposition against the taxation grew, and by the end of the 1950s it was only the communists and conservative powers in Danish politics, which had close connections to the brewing industry, that wanted a prohibitive surtax on what a member of the Danish Communist Party called “a bitter cup”.In September 2003, however, Vestfyen took over all stocks dealing with the struggling soft drink so as to engage in a turn-around of the product.This became an immense success, and in 2004 Jolly Cola made up 25% of Coop amba's cola sales.

Suddenly, the strategy seemed to be that if you could not get rid of Coca-Cola, the least you could do was to ensure that the Danish population drank Danish produced cola.

Following WW2, many countries in the world viewed Coca-Cola as synonymous with the US and an American life-style, and as the US developed and increased its influence on society, so did Coca-Cola.

In the meantime, the Danish population still had to wait until 1959, before they could buy a bottle of Coca-Cola.

This initiative was instigated by Carlsberg and Tuborg so as to produce an original Danish cola that was to be sold nationwide.

The soft drink was named Jolly Cola and was an all-out copy product.

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