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Vargas side-stepped, snatching the sword out of my hand and snapping it into two pieces.He laughed heartily, "Oh please, your boring me," he taunted.Charlie stormed at them, eliminating everyone that came in his path.Their leader, Vargas the Mad, saw his flanks dwindling by the puny human, and snickered. " He ran at full speed, and catching him off-guard, thrust the sword into Charlie's chest.

Also include your preferred prize order if different from the order listed in the main event thread. The man mumbled something to me, almost as if he told me of my unsettled truth.I rolled over to look out the only window in my run-down shack.Spider webs covered the upper-right side and dirt and dust was accumulated on the rest.Even squinting, I could barely see the outside world.With my efforts futile, I pulled the torn and tattered quilt back over my shivering body, and attempted to drift back into my originally peaceful slumber. It couldn't be me, but yet at the same time I knew it was.

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